World War Hulk To Be Featured In Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles (Trailer)

You may think Spiderman or Batman or Captain America is the best superhero, but you would be wrong. Clearly the best superhero is a huge green beast who was exiled to space and has now come back with a vengeance to kill a secret society. Yeah, thats World War Hulk, and yes, he is the best superhero.

Well, at the very least he is kinda good, because he is getting his own pinball table in the upcoming Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles game. Zen Studios is continuing with their superhero theme but this time brining it to a new level. “Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles features four tables designed to tell a more cohesive story from the actual comic or movie material, while incorporating the most dramatic elements as gameplay. Fans of previous Marvel Pinball tables will experience a fresh approach to the critically acclaimed series, including deeper character interactions, more dialogue, and the most explosive action to date.”

The World War Hulk pinball table will tell the tale of Hulk after his banishment to outer space, where “he returns to Manhattan to seek revenge against the Illuminati and wage war against the X-Men, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four and Doctor Strange in World War Hulk.” So after you play the X-Men, Iron Man, and Fantastic Four table in Zen’s other games, you can come see them get destroyed in their new table.

Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles is one of four tables that is “set to release this spring for Xbox LIVE® Arcade, PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita via PlayStation®Network.”

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