PAX East 2012: Far Cry 3 Multiplayer Hands On

That’s right shooter fans, Ubisoft is bringing us another batch of mercenary and terrorist shooting fun in the sun very soon, with Far Cry 3. Far Cry is a series that has been met with mixed opinions over the years, with gamers tending to either love or hate it. For me, the first game’s campaign will always have a special place in my heart. Today, I was able to get my hands on a quick demo of the pre-alpha build of Far Cry 3’s multiplayer mode. I wasn’t hugely impressed, but I wasn’t disappointed either, so lets get right into it shall we?

Hooray for ziplines!

The campaigns have always been my favorite part of the Farcry series, but multiplayer mode seems to be getting a little more love this time around. Far Cry 3 is being developed by two separate branches, with one producing the single player content, while the other studio focuses solely on the multiplayer experience. Because of this, Far Cry 3 hopes to deliver a solid game on both ends, unlike some titles which tend to deliver on simply one or the other. The multiplayer will feature four different game modes, but unfortunately I was only able to get my hands on one of them, which was a sort of point defense and capture mode known as ‘domination.’

Like in other games, before spawning you are asked to select a build, such as marksman, soldier, stealth, or assault. Also, as in previous first person shooters, there is a team revival system called ‘cling to life,’ which might be different from what some people are used to. When you die, a circular bleed out meter will appear in the center of the screen, prompting you to cling to life, in order to prolong your re-spawn and give your team mates a chance to revive you. You cling to life by spamming the A button on the 360 controller, which slows down the bleed out meter. When I asked what the motivation behind this was, it was explained that this mechanic is meant to provide players with the option of avoiding being revived if they don’t wish to be. Sometimes you don’t want to be revived when you know you are just going to get killed again as soon as you come back. If you don’t tap A, then your team mates won’t be prompted or allowed to revive you. Which I thought was a nice touch.

These guys really need to get some shoes...

Gameplay felt very similar to the previous games in the series, which isn’t a bad thing. Graphics were as pretty as always, and seemed to perform well on the 360, with an acceptable frame rate that felt consistent. Beach resorts and exotic tropical islands never seem to be for want of explosions or AK-47 wielding mercenaries in the Farcry games, so the environments and character models should seem familiar to fans of the series. I was told vehicles seemed to discourage teamwork in most of the play testing, with players ending up too spread out from one another, so you won’t be seeing any vehicles in the multiplayer. But never fear, I was assured that vehicles are still fully implemented into the single player. We will also be seeing the return of Far Cry 2’s in-game editor to create your own maps to play and share.

Knife that camper!

In closing, I had a great time with Far Cry 3’s multiplayer, and am looking forward to seeing it perform on my PC. On the other hand, if you have played a fair share of FPS games in the past, you aren’t likely to find anything drastically different with Far Cry 3. But to be fair, most shooters tend to tread the same water as their predecessors, so familiarity isn’t a direct criticism as much as an observation. If you are new to the Far Cry series, Far Cry 3 seems like a great place to start. Be sure to keep an eye out for this game when it releases on September 4th.

Tables have turned.

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  • I really enjoyed the single player in FC2, open world games are better from a fp pov imo.  Want to see more shooters like farcry