Deep Black: Reloaded Review (PC)

Game Review: Deep Black: Reloaded
Release: March 1st, 2012
Genre: Third-Person Shooter
Developer: Biart
Available Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3
MSRP: $20.99
ESRB Rating: 17+

Looking at the description for Deep Black: Reloaded it had many appealing features that I look for in a shooter. The main thing pulling me into the game were the underwater sections in the game. Did the game live up to what I expected? Not really.

The story takes place as two different nations have had a little falling out and decide to start a war. You play as a soldier coming out of retirement known as Pierce and are given a mission to rescue some hostages from a base that are up in the drama. When you get to the compound, things aren’t as you would expect. You find a giant weapon and have to do something about it.

Deep Black: Reloaded has some great water sections. You find yourself swimming throughout tunnels, raising and lowering the water level and solving underwater puzzles to progress yourself through the game. Unfortunately these underwater sections are split up by repetitive shooting sections that become more frustrating than fun after the first few battles. Deep Black: Reloaded is a shooter and the shooting sections are plenty.  On your mission to find out who is responsible for the weapon, you will have hundreds of enemies to take out, all spawning out of nowhere on the side of the corridor and coincidentally standing directly next to an exploding object for you to conveniently shoot and take them out in one shot. The majority of the game takes place while shooting instead of making great use of the most appealing part, the underwater sections. It becomes very difficult to enjoy certain parts of the game knowing that the second you step out of the water you should get comfortable as you might be repeating that section another 10 times after getting killed for a whole number of reasons out of your control.

The cover mechanic doesn’t help the combat as attempting to get to the cover becomes just as difficult as hiding behind it. The game has a non existent sprint button so you find yourself walking with the camera slightly to the side hoping that the game kicks you into sprint mode so you can actually make some progress through the level. As most of the game takes place on land, the pace of the game is slowed down by this. At times you will end up dying as you can’t make your way to the cover before a turret takes you down because you are stood out in the open trying to hide behind anything. Once hidden, you won’t have much luck either as most of the things that you attempt to hide behind, Pierce will end up with his arm or his head poking out so the enemies can do just as much damage when you are in cover. The underwater combat sections are more forgiving and although repetitive, I didn’t have an issue with any of the underwater controls or mechanics. You have a boost button to push yourself forward and a grappling hook that you can use to pull enemies into the water or hack and solve underwater puzzles. The enemies you face underwater are basic and at times you have difficulty telling where the enemy is in context to you and start spinning around hoping to see a bullet fly past.

The enemies that you take out aren’t varied enough for each section to be a new challenge, and as the environments aren’t that varied either, the game just becomes one giant level, with shooter sections, water sections, shooter section and so on. I wouldn’t mind the various faults of the shooting sections if the checkpoints within the game weren’t so terrible, at points if you get killed you end up going back 10-15 minutes and having to do another two shooting sections before you get back to where you were originally. The boss battles (or giant mechanical robot battles) you occasionally encounter follow the theme of the rest of the game as you have to figure out what to do and then three deaths later you finally take them out. The voice acting is very poor and basic and the certain sounds that the enemy makes when you kill them can get repetitive after hearing someone collapse and gargle themself to death for the tenth time in 15 minutes. I didn’t get chance to try the multiplayer as I couldn’t find a match, but I can imagine it is the same painful shooting sections as the Single Player but with other people.

I went into Deep Black: Reloaded with the impression that it was going to be a primarily underwater based game, and on certain sections, it is. Unfortunately those underwater sections are accompanied by some terrible shooting sections on land that after your first couple of times can become boring and at times frustrating. If you are looking for a game in this genre, it might be best if you give this one a miss.

  • Beautiful water effects
  • Fun underwater sections
  • Terrible shooting sections
  • Frustrating and infrequent checkpoints
  • Clunky cover and movement

Score: 3 out of 10

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