Mass Effect 3 To Receive Free Extended Cut DLC

After weeks of complaining, Mass Effect fans are finally going to reap the fruits of their labor. BioWare, having dutifully listened to their outraged fan-base, has announced new DLC for Mass Effect 3 — and it’s free! The Extended Cut DLC will offer additional cutscenes — both in the core of the game and during the epilogue. This additional content will delve deeper into the ending, not change it.

Casey Hudson, project director for the Mass Effect series, offered the following in regards to the new DLC:

We have reprioritized our post-launch development efforts to provide the fans who want more closure with even more context and clarity to the ending of the game, in a way that will feel more personalized for each player.

No official release date has been announced, but the plan is for sometime this summer.

As a fan of the Mass Effect series who found himself underwhelmed by the third game’s ending, I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I’m excited to see an ending that will [hopefully] live up to my expectations, but, on the other, I feel like this sets a bad precedent: games are a form of art and, good or bad, the ending we originally got was the ending BioWare had envisioned. Now, thanks to the internet’s sense of entitlement, artists have had to compromise that vision to suit the public’s tastes.

Source: GiantBomb

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  • AcousticLad666

    Yea I agree man, they shouldn have had to change the ending ppl should have been happy with wat they got, its not our decision how the story ends!

    • cujah

      If you want to be an ass-wipe that excepts what ever someone throws at you then go ahead.  but I have been playing this game since ME 1 and I want a better ending with better choices…

    • Mina

      [email protected]

      I wish someone murdered your family called it artistic
      integrity, and they get off with a slap on the wrist….. I would be
      happy with what you got 🙂 and if you cried and bitched i would tell you
      its the courts fault so stop being a boohoo baby. you damn idiot

      • Bob

        Ah, so having your family murdered is the same as getting an ending you don’t like in a game?

        Grow up.

        • Mina

          no but taking it serious enough to think it would really happen makes you a complete moron good job

    • Smithgames

      Fella, we Paid for that ‘art’ we can’t take it back if the ending is crap.  For that reason that we don’t get to see the entire product before we pay, it is very different from art.  This ending is a joke for many reasons.

  • Rlplink25

    @ acousticlad666 are you an idiot? IT IS OUR DECISION ON HOW THE STORY ENDS that’s what mass effect is about WE decide how the story of our character goes, and ME3 didn’t let us decide. In ME2 we decide who lives and dies in our team so why couldn’t we chose to have a happy ending in ME3 after uniting the WHOLE galaxy, Bioware was rushed by EA. And told to leave the ending as open as possible for future “paid” DLC.

    • Bob


      My little cousin sounds like that. He’s about four years old. Funny how he sounds just like you.

      • Mina


        You know what’s even funnier? How your comparing a child’s quote
        to an actual discussion that’s Relevant. You sound like a damn shill you
        annoying small $%@!#% idiot

      • ahjee

        yeah? your husbands name is neal i bet

  • Guest

    While wanting to stand up for one’s position or product is understandable, there is nothing wrong with the desire to improve a work of art.  All that matters is how that position is conveyed.

  • It’s like this. Bioware and EA gave us an open-ended ending that did not answer questions, but in fact added them. I think after investing 90+ dollars into this series, we deserved a better ending then what was given besides three different colored explosions. I’ve played through ME2 and ME3 with the best character i could muster with everyone surviving the suicide mission and got as many “War Assets” as i could and still I felt robbed at the end. I’m not saying that the endings sucked or need to be changed. I just want a little explanation as to why the events that happened, happened.

    • Mina

      I don’t know about you but I don’t want bioware to shift
      through more shit just to give a us a bigger turd… thank you bioware I’m so
      happy you gave us a….? Extended ending to a terrible one? Yay? Wait…. what? Are
      they out of their minds?

  • Keith

    Hmm i think the ending should have been what Bioware promised us, a great creative ending that answered all the ME questions and was very diverse to how the player played the game. I was really ok with the series ending i was ok with shepard even dying, but i am NOT ok with a breath scene or a old grandpa secret ending that may lead to ME4 of paid dlc thats not fair to the fans. I wanted closure and shit i desire to have a happy ending, i did everything i could from the start i got all the war assets and saved everyone i possibly could. so why cant i have a happy ending after all the sad parts in the game??

    • Alidog02

       It answered all the questions during the game. Pay attention

  • For heaven’s sakes, they AREN’T compromising their vision with this. If they WERE actually changing the endings, or adding new ones, that would be sacrificing their vision. As it is, their vision is intact, because the particular problem this DLC will address has time-and-money-shortage written all over it. It’s just fleshing things out, and letting us see the big picture more clearly.

  • For heaven’s sakes, they AREN’T compromising their vision with this. If they WERE actually changing the endings, or adding new ones, that would be sacrificing their vision. As it is, their vision is intact, because the particular problem this DLC will address has time-and-money-shortage written all over it. It’s just fleshing things out, and letting us see the big picture more clearly.

  • As for those who complain that a completely happy ending isn’t possible, I’m sorry, but that often goes for real life, too, in spite of the fact that we have MORE freedom of choice than in any video game. Having freedom of choice doesn’t give you control of outcomes; some things are just impossible.

    The complaint that the ending cutscenes were almost identical and didn’t explain anything, on the other hand, is legitimate, and is being dealt with.

  • kyle

    “the ending we originally got was the ending BioWare had envisioned”   no, no it wasn’t.   Patrick Weekes has been quoted saying that the endings of the game were not peer-reviewed by the writing staff.  the ONLY people who worked on the endings were Casey Hudson himself and 1 other lead which i didn’t see a name for.  Those two went over “draft after draft” until they chose their ending.   Weekes mentions that he did not like the ending at that it “shows” that only 2 people worked on it

  • ahjee

    i used to believe in bioware. then i took an ending to the knee.

  • Stephengips

    What’s wrong with asking a artists to explain what I just saw since it was his vision and only they know what they were try to get across.

  • Aquafan26

    this sucks no ending for me thanks to your stupid DLC crap ………….I don’t have high speed internet and should have to have it to see the end i paid my money for the games and spent just as much time playing them as everyone else has but I’m not good enough to get the extended ending or make up my mind on who died/lives I get your Ending.You Suck !!!!!!!!!!! and so does your DLC

  • pjlx911

    Entitlement?…Wow, it’s your opinions, I respect that. But could you respect my wishes to not have your opinions infused in your writing?

    Let’s see..We I’ve $60+ for a game, some of us have been playing the Mass Effect series since its inception and they basically gave us a Deus Ex: Human Revolution carbon copy ending and you expect us not to be just a little bit outraged?

    So, you’re speaking for the majority here?…That for the “sanctity” and the “purity” of the art form that they should give us a majorly sub-par experience, and we should just shut up and be thankful?

    I don’t know what planet you come from, but in a free society (like what we have here), if something is jacked up, then we have the right to question it, or to raise hell, about it. Otherwise, we should just follow your inane ideals of just allowing a company to just take $60 from us, over, and over, and just be good little children and shut the hell up?

    That flawed logic (that you so vehemently seem to want to spout) is the reason why Madden sells so much more for rehash, money grab, sub par, games with (insert “new”) features, or how the Modern Warfare series are just a photo copy of the game before it.

    You talk about the art form of video games, but if you had a clue about what art form is, you’d want any game to be well worth the money you spent. If it’s not, and you’re being told it’s supposedly the next best to sliced break, then by all means you should have that unalienable right to raise hell about it.

    After all, if you spent your good, hard earned money on it, you have the right to speak up about it. (BTW, this isn’t just me, but 8+ million others who feel the same, exact, way…)

  • Jay

    The writer of this story last comment is complete bullshit. I am a fan of the Mass Effect games and looked forward to part 3 but at the end of the day I felt robbed. What the hell dude. I would have been perfectly happy if the was no “happy ending”, but at least give me a real ending and not some crap that was clearly just a tool for EA to come out with PAID DLC later. No one can tell me that someone in studio watched these ending and I use the term “these” loosely because all three endings are almost the same and said this is great lets ship. I remember when the discussion of DLC  really got serious and this is what everyone was scared of company’s putting out half made games and charging for fixes and CONTENT. Thanks EA you proved the paranoids right. Bomb shelter anyone? 

  • Will J19

    Not necessarily the ending Bioware envisioned. Remember this game was originally dreamt up by Bioware, Published by MS Game Studios and then was bought out by EA.

    The originally envisioned ending might have been axed in favour of EA’s monetization priorities.

  • Entitled Internet Spokesman

    If I was a “game artist” I would be ashamed of that ending, which doesn’t match up at all with what decisions the game was drawing you in with. Marketing sold us on decisions, the game brought us into the world, then your poor bullied game artist slapped us in the face with his own depression. You can defend him all you want, but anyone reading this could have come up with a better single forced ending. What we paid for however was the same thing that was marketed to us, so yes, the entitled internet is pissed.

  • Nanohurtz2012

    Correction.. This was NOT the ending they envisioned. If you were not living under a rock you would have made the cooralation between what was promised and what was delivered and have clearly seemed then disconnect. that Bioware is making a DLC is further proof that they dropped the ball big time and were on the verge of a serious BBB reprisal followed by a severe reduction of their fanbase.

    They should have started by saying I’m sorry, we rushed the ending an goofed. I don’t care for the DLC now, the damage was done, and done well. As a staunch follower of the Mass Effect series I am appalled at what this company did. Now they offer urine in exchange for dedication? No thanks. They lost me as a patron for good. Let this be a lesson to all software gaming houses that think they can skirt on what they promise in fine print. What they did was send a message to the younger generation that it is ok to make your millions on the foundation of a blatant lie.