PAX East 2012: Joe Danger Mobile Demo Video

Does anyone out there remember a little game by Hello Games called Joe Danger? I should hope so, because it is one of the best arcade games around on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Aracde. The game was developed by an impressively small team,and received great reviews and feedback from fans. It is a little like excite bike, but with a modern flare. Well guess what? It is going to be coming to a touch device near you very soon! Below I have a short demo video of the game being played on an Ipad, but it will also be available on android devices. The game is still a work in progress, so I wasn’t able to get a release date, but it shouldn’t be too far away. Joe Danger fans can also look forward to Joe Danger The Movie coming soon to Xbox and PS3. Enjoy the video!

Stay tuned for Platform Nation for more news from PAX East 2012.

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