PAX East 2012: Orcs Must Die! 2 Gameplay Video

Orc slayers, gather round! Today I bring you tidings of video footage and muffled background commentary for Robot Entertainment’s recently announced Orcs Must Die! 2. I captured this footage with my handy little flip camera, so I apologize if the audio quality isn’t the best. In this video you will see some live footage of two players engaged in Orcs 2’s new co-op mode, as I pan from screen to screen. You will also hear Community Manager, Justin Korthof answering questions about the game, but for a full write up of details, see Tym’s Post. Be sure to note the Terminator 2 style reload animation that the War Mage sports with his new Blunderbuss. All he needs is someone’s clothes, boots, and motorcycle, and he would be good to go. Enjoy!


Be sure to stay tuned to Platform Nation, as I have more videos that I will be posting through out the day from PAX East 2012.

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