All Skylanders Finally Released

All of the core 32 figures in Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure have been released with this week’s announcement of Camo, Wham Shell, and Warnado. With the final three figures being released now, we only have until this fall to get caught up with our collections before Skylanders: Giants unleashes a whole new wave of plastic monsters on us.

Over a month ago, I reported on three previous Skylanders figures being released. I still have never seen them. Maybe I’ll have better luck finding these three.

Camo is the final Life Skylander with the ability to grow exploding fruits and vegetables. Because he’s a dragon, you might actually feel like you’re playing a Spyro game.

Wham Shell completes the Water Skylanders collection and brings into battle a giant mace that builds up electricity.

And finally, Warnado (who I’ll definitely be searching for) is an Air Skylander who turns into a tornado. And he’s covered in spikes. Awesome.

Skylanders: Giants is still many months away, so Skylanders publisher Activision is finding ways to fill the gap while consumers frantically try to complete their Skylanders collections. They already have several Skylanders books for kids on the release schedule, ranging from a complete novel titled The Machine of Doom to a Skylanders sticker book.

Also this week, Activision released Skylanders: Cloud Patrol for iOS. You fly around as your favorite Skylanders shooting at Trolls to earn points. The character codes included with Skylanders figures can unlock them in Cloud Patrol. Now your Skylanders can be on your iPhone too. They’re everywhere! Well, except Android.

With the final figure releases, an iOS game, and a novelization, what else might Activision have planned for their all-conquering franchise? I grew up in the 90’s, so I fully expect some comic books and a cheesy animated series. Perhaps Activision will lay low for a few months as they prepare to make Skylanders: Giants bigger (no pun intended) and better than the original.

What would you like to see Activision do with Skylanders now that its 32 figures have all been released?

Source: Wired, Apple

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  • macmedllc

    I would love to see a new game that the kids can play with their existing Skylanders!  My son has already gotten through the game and has become a little bored with it.  (That is a good thing for mom)!  It seems like a bit much to buy all these characters for this one game that they get through and then they are completely done?  Bring on the Giants for those who want to continue to purchase the characters.  Rumor has it the kids won’t be able to go past level 10 on the Skylander Giants game with these smaller Skylander fellows.  However, for those of us who are going broke and don’t wish to purchase more character’s…. put out a new game (new Wii game or a new Portal…whatever it would be) that the kids can use their existing Skylanders on!

    • DTroy

      The new game (Skylanders: Giants) should allow you to incorporate your current figures in with the new game.  I don’t think Activision would take the time to create 32 figures that could only be used on the first game, especially since the late release dates on these last few figures.  Fully expect to use all your figures on the next (and surely subsequent) game(s).

  • Excellent news of the final 3 being released. I just hope that Activision don’t trickle them out and release a big batch.

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