Skyrim Getting Kinect Support Later This Month

Skyrim is the perfect open world gaming experience. It has such a large expansive world with hundreds of different stories and adventures to experience. The one thing that I don’t think Skyrim has been missing is Kinect support.

Today, Bethesda announced that later this month, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be getting patched to add Kinect support, this patch will add over 200 different phrases for you to yell into your Kinect. If you are a Skyrim gamer I’m sure all along you’ve secretly wanted to yell “Fus Ro DAH!” at your screen and launch enemies off a cliff. I can imagine this feature will be something that I will try a couple of times to see if it actually works, but simple commands such as doing a dragon shout or switching weapons could also be done in pressing two buttons or less. As with most Kinect enabled games, the Kinect features are more of a novelty than something you could see yourself using every time you play the game.

Examples of the phrases that you can use your voice for are Dragon Shouts, Hotkey Equipping (fast switching between items and weapons), follower commands (ordering your follower to attack/stop), and the ability to make your way around most menus, such as the loot screen (“loot all”,”loot lockpick”) and the map, magic, barter, container, favourites and skill screens.

Keep your eye out for the patch to hit just the Xbox 360 version of Skyrim (unlucky PC gamers) later this month. Dust off your Kinect and check out the below trailer.


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