Ghost Recon Future Soldier Multiplayer Beta Dated

Owners of Splinter Cell Conviction were promised access to the Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta, the time has come for that access to be granted as I’ve just received the below email from Ubisoft stating that the Multiplayer Beta for Ghost Recon Future Soldier is available for download now for owners of Splinter Cell Conviction ready for the official launch of the Beta on April 19th.

If you own a copy of Splinter Cell Conviction, dig through those stacks of games, sweep the dust off the case, crack open the box for the first time in a while and throw your copy into the disc tray. In the Main Menu screen you will see a news message announcing the Beta, press the X button and there you go, a download page will appear. If you download the Beta now, when it actually launches on April 19th, you won’t have to wait and you’ll be able to jump straight in it. I’m not sure what the Beta will feature but I can imagine it will be a couple of maps from the full game, with varied game types and unlockables.


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  • Win!

  • raz

     I got the beta code even though i don’t have splinter cell

    • Rickm1357

      whats the code?

    • Rcthalley

      Same played the game finished it but took it bak to the video store!!

  •  cool. i have a beta i cant play yet.
    Why not just have it on for us splinter cell people. its the least we deserve for still having that game lol

  • Kaz

    Fuck I sold my game. Oh well.

  • AndersBreivik666

    Pokemon Black has a beta code in it. Gotta catch it though.

  • Jidgeasmudge

    I got the beta code but didnt have splinter cell 🙂 But i keep getting an error “The ubisoft service is not available at this time. Please try again later.” 🙁

    • Jidgeasmudge

      I didnt get the beta code… I got the multiplayer beta code

    • Tee

      Yes, You’ll keep getting this error until the 19th of april because the servers are not yet up.

  • Cody

    If you preorder for xbox 360 at gamestop ($5.00 down) you get a beta code for the 19th