Rumor: Microsoft Continues Its Campaign On Increasing Online Fees

Since the inception of the PlayStation Network, gamers have been questioning as to whether Microsoft’s stance on their subscriber-based online services would change, making them available for all audiences for free. If this report isn’t enough to reveal what their business plan is, then I don’t know what is. According to Praveen Rutnam’s (Microsoft Corporation: Group Product Planner) LinkedIn page, Microsoft has continued plans to develop strategies to “further monetize Xbox LIVE subscriber base.” What does this mean for the Xbox fanbase? Does this mean gamers could move from paying the now base $60 a year to perhaps $100 a year or maybe even $15 a month?

As a hardcore fan of the Xbox brand, this worries me, as this could potentially mean I and millions of other loyal subscribers could be forced into paying more money or getting out. What will this ‘further monetization’ mean for the company as a whole? With the dollar getting weaker still against other international currencies, Microsoft could see this as balancing finances that have started to dip below projected expectations. Or could this plan for the holiday season finally be valid competition to Sony’s PlayStation Plus?

Joystiq sticks straight to reporting the story without giving the fans the correct fanfare they deserve. Looking deeper into the LinkedIn profile,  you see that Praveen discusses ‘key consumer insights’ about the industry as a whole. To ignore this factor other than just including it in a picture negates would could be the potential that I revealed before: true competition to Sony’s PlayStation Plus. As Sony doesn’t charge any money for their online service and doesn’t have an interface advertising for PlayStation Network, their way of getting fans to support their service was to have them pay a continuous $8 per month in order to get free games or early access to new downloadable titles.

What Mr. Rutnam is most likely meaning by having a ‘further monetized Xbox Live subscriber base’ is adding an additional service that wouldn’t contradict the current Xbox Live gold service but instead most likely compliment it with an additional monthly fee. Could Microsoft finally be getting their wits about them and finally start thanking their fanbase by being loyal customers? We’ll have to wait and see at the E3 press conference on June 4th at 10 a.m. PST.

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  • Nosomthingyouknow

    play on the ps3 😉

    • Johnbloom16

      Agreed my good sir

    • Guest

      No fucking way am I touching Failing $ony PauperStation3 ever again. It’ll be PC and Xbox or bust from now on.

  • Logan

    Its gonna be Playstation Plus style. They’re not gonna add extra to the charge. If they do it will be only $1 – $3 which would be smart business strategy as what it is right now is really affordable and would net them a lot of extra revenue especially with committed subscribers as myself. Just a little business perspective for ya from a business student.

  • Bigevilworldwide

    This is M$ were talking about here I would bet money that they will be raising the price of Xbox live and here is the excuse the will use “We feel that Xbox live offers so much content that it is worth more than 60 dollars a year for all the entertainment you receive”…..Watch this is what they are going to say. They don’t give things away they are M$. Look back at when live was down for a couple of weeks what did they give people Undertow and for like 2 weeks. This company doesn’t care about it’s customers the minute you buy their stuff it’s all about milking you. Look at what it costs to buy a new Xbox and be ready to go…..And the cute way they leave out that those 199.99 4gb consoles don’t play games online so then they milk you for a new HDD. This is exactly why I use my 360 less and am perfectly content with a silver account. If I wanna use netflix I’ll use y PS3 thank you I already pay netflix why pay twice….or pay to use a free service like YOUTUBE. They should have introduced tiers of service years ago but they don’t care

  • 15 a month, would mean an increase of 300% , for me I use my credit card so I’m able to get the renew deals watch makes an average of about 5 -6 dollars a month. Facing an on-slot of a new PS and Nintendo’s new console, I just can’t see that happening and if ya see the interview’s from MS game studios when they talk about price they don’t want it any higher ether so I’m not sure where this is comng from?

  • Akimitsu

    PS+ isn’t a straight $8 per month as stated. You can get a full year of the service for $50, which is around $4.08 per month (or three months for $18, which is $6 per month for those three).

  • This is Stupid

    This article is really dumb… There is no reason that what was said on the Linked in profile would lead to a price increase. Stop trying to get cheap hits.

    • Guest

      Yeah, but most people in the press are actually too dumb to get a decent job and understand such things. Plus $ony will be dead in the next couple of years, so PlayStation can go to hell sooner than Satan’s little helper Ph0n3ys.

      • TheOmegaBlack

         Totally, can’t wait to play Halo 9 and Fable 85, Microsoft is delivering so many new IPs and supporting different games…

        • Logan

           Not disagreeing with you at all, but the reason it seems that way is Sony had an extra year to nurture some exclusive deals at the beginning and held their cards close to their chest for so long. Microsoft released their big guns like Gears and whatnot a while ago and Really have only been working on getting new fresh ideas lately. A new IP takes a long time to develop and my guess is that a lot of the ones that could be inbound are being saved for the end of this gen/or when the next gen arrives – which I believe will be 2013 and not 2014.

  • Bigjoe

    There are always discounted packs available at retail and online stores. I’ve constantly just bought 12-month cards for 34.99 at Superstore every year when they are available, saves lots of money. You just have to shop around.

  • Microsoft has always been pushing to put a price on content, iD software tried to release free map packs, as they have always done for their PC games, as a community support gesture.MS demanded a fee for the content or the map packs didn’t get a place on their network.This was in the beginning of the whole DLC milking, Microsoft made sure everything got a price, and is clearly the driver of this trend.If you don’t think so, do some research.

  • IrishManx

    “Could Microsoft finally be getting their wits about them and finally start thanking their fanbase by being loyal customers?”
    By charging them more money? LOL

  • datdude

    Every generation of consoles is different.  In the previous cycle, I was ps2.  This cycle, I am 360 first, but I own a ps3 as well.  I choose platforms based on who offers the most in terms of games I like and the overall experience (online, exclusives, etc.).  Next generation will be no different, and whichever company reveals an experience I must have, that is where my dollars will go.  It may even be a company that comes out of nowhere to knock sony and microsoft on their ass, who knows?  What I will not do, however, is pay more for the online experience.  If this is where sony and microsoft are heading, count me out.

  • otherZinc

    This guy is an idiot. I lmao when bloggers say, “I’m a 360 fan” then say something stupid like paying $60 for Gold. Or, comparing Live to PSN+, that is ridiculous.

    I’m a fan of games, have a PS3 & 360 & prefer the 360. AND I dont have a problem paying for a service like XBOX Live: It friggin WORKS!

    You get what you pay for: those are the very words that got me banned from N4G for 7 days. I lmao!

  • G

    Pure speculation and rumors…just the whole write up reminds me of when kids at the arcade would swear they seen someone unlock Shen Long in SF.