Super Mario Bros Level Could Soon Become LEGO-fied

Using exactly one LEGO brick per pixel, Zachary Pollock hopes to build a mosaic over six-feet-tall and 90-feet-wide of the entire Super Mario Bros 1-1 level.

Video game and LEGO enthusiast Zachary Pollock needs your help.  With 26,400 of your dollars going toward the acquisition of approximately 780,000 LEGOs, he hopes to meld his two darling pastimes into one colossal undertaking:  Epic Mario, a LEGO mosaic of the entire Super Mario Bros level 1-1.


If you think Pollock is a selfish jack-wipe for squeezing the public wallet so that he can scratch his own hobby-itches, you could be on to something.  However you won’t be able to call him on it, because one of the stated goals of Epic Mario is, of course, to save the children:  “My second goal is to use this project to test the waters for a foundation I would like to start that will work with children doing healing art projects using LEGO bricks.”  Pollock’s foundation will create liaisons between companies (funding) and hospitals, enabling sick kids to design and build unique LEGO constructions which will go on display in the hospitals where they are created.


Okay, that’s actually pretty awesome.


Pollock is using Kickstarter to raise the funds needed to purchase the Epic Mario LEGO bricks and installation materials.  For those not in the know, Kickstarter is a site dedicated to promoting creative projects that lack funding and recognition.  (Kickstarter has also kick started the game sequels Wasteland 2 and Shadowrun Returns, both out in 2013.) Pollock has raised $2,587 so far and has until May 10th to reach his financial goal of $26,400.  You can follow the project’s progress on his blog or donate at Kickstarter.  (If you donate, you will also be invited to help construct the mosaic!)  The mosaic will be under construction at Bricks Cascade in Portland, in its completed form at the BricksCon Expo in Seattle, and he hopes at other game and LEGO exhibitions around the country throughout the following year.


Source:  Kickstarter

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