Xbox Live Video Apps Get a Free Weekend

Once in a while, we hear about free games being available on Steam or Xbox Live being open for all silver members because of a game promotion. This time, Microsoft is doing something different: multiple Xbox Live applications that include Netflix and Hulu Plus will be free starting on Thursday, April 19th until Monday, April 23rd. Major Nelson announced this morning on his blog that all video applications will be open to everyone.

Some people won’t be able to access certain applications like XFinityTV because it requires a Comcast TV subscription but those applications like CinemaNow that just require a surcharge will be available. All you need to have is a connection to the Internet to your Xbox 360 and you’ll be able to instantly connect to the applications that are listed below.

All those people that have been needing to find out what all the buzz is about for the new Battlestar Galactica need to check out the full series which is now available for streaming on Netflix! For full details on what application can be used in what region, check out the link for the specific free weekend event.

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Source Major Nelson

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