Darksiders II Delayed Until August

Bad news, guys, THQ has announced that Vigil Game’s Darksiders II will be delayed until August 2012. It seems, however, that this might have happened regardless of THQ’s 56 million financial troubles or the layoffs at Vigil a couple months ago. In the short preemptive Q&A that went up alongside the announcement, THQ stated that “the staffing changes at Vigil Games have not impacted the release date,” nor is it to coincide with the Wii U launch date. Instead, “the team asked for more time to polish the huge amount of content included in this ambitious project.”

This move was hinted at earlier this month when THQ’s Danny Bilson began to falter on holding to the previously announced June 26 launch. In an interview with RipTen, Bilson stated “we’re not going to ship it before it’s done.”

In which case, let’s hope it’s done in August. I seriously want to play more Darksiders.


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