Diablo III Open Beta Begins Friday At Noon (PDT)

Do you happen to have some blank space in your social calendar this weekend?  Are you just dying to descend into Hell again?  (Let’s face it, smacking the devil around twice was child’s play.  It’s the third time that’ll stick…until the year 2050 when they release Diablo IV.)  Still enraged because your roommate got in to the Diablo III beta while you’ve been stuck replaying Arkham City for the third time?

No, your eyes are not deceiving you.  Starting Friday at 12:01 PDT, Blizzard is opening up the Diablo III beta to anyone with a account.  You can easily get an account here if you don’t happen to have a spare lying around from your old WoW subscription.  The beta will be open until Monday at 10am PDT.

According to you’ll be able to play up to five characters, but everyone will be capped at level 13.  At this point, less than a month before the game’s release (which is May 15th), we say playing all weekend might whet your appetite into a Diablo frenzy, resulting in an agonizing twenty-two day pleasure postponement.   However if you’re into that whole masochism thing, we recommend downloading the beta client in advance so you’ll be rarin’ ready to go at noon.


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  • Got a few hours in last night .. very good stuff.. played as a Demon Hunter solo through all of the available content… like how they’ve set up the skill system this time around, and it looks like you can respec at any time, which means less time rerolling chars and more time demon slaying.