Mario Tennis Open Gets New Trailer

The release date for Mario Tennis Open on the 3DS may be a month away, but Nintendo is still letting loose an influx of info on the game. The newest trailer released today shows off sixteen playable characters (with a promise of more to unlock), single-card wi-fi play with people nearby you, online tennis matches with random opponents or your friends, and even a nifty-looking customization option for your character with over 200 items that look to affect your clothing and tennis racket. I was pretty obsessed with the original Mario Tennis back on the N64, and with the only two solid games for my 3DS having Mario in the title, I think this will be the next must-have for bored 3DS owners out there. Check out the trailer below and let us know of what you think about Mario’s next 3D outing in the comments section!

Source: My Nintendo News

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  • Nate1123

    They need to make it like Mario tennis power tour