Amazon Goes Golden All Day 4/24

Amazon looks to be making it a week of good deals for gamers. Following Tuesday’s temporary price drop on used Vitas to a record-setting $162.50, gamers will be treated to a day of deals. Dedicating the Gold Box Deal of the Day to video games, Amazon will (likely) feature one deal all day, with other deals with limited times. Naturally, these deals will be until time or inventory run out.

What could be the deals? GameStop has a good deal on new Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3s, which Amazon has yet to match. Last time, they had a great deal on the PlayStation 3D Display, which could always make a return appearance. If the Vitas drop early in the week is any indication, Amazon might try to liquidate much of its low-selling accessories in a daily deal. Who knows, we could be surprised with Amazon Game Downloads all day, or early versions of titles with new releases on the way, such as Mortal Kombat or Arkham City.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the site (and my wallet) all day. You?

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