Batman: Arkham City GOTY Edition Announced, Includes New Harley Quinn DLC

New content for Batman: Arkham City has been teased for a while now. Today it was announced that Batman: Arkham City will be getting a Game of the Year edition. Included in this Game of the Year Edition will be a new piece of content called “Harley Quinn’s Revenge”.

The Game of the Year Edition will be launching on PS3 and Xbox 360 on May 29th and will include all of the previously made available downloadable content packs, including the Nightwing, Robin and Catwoman packs and even a set of alternative skins for the batman. If you already own a copy of Arkham City and can’t wait that long to play the new expansion, Harley Quinn’s Revenge will be available for download on April 30th on PSN and XBLM.

Another addition to the GOTY copy of the game is a free download of the Batman: Year One animated movie. Check out screenshots from the new expansion and a trailer below.


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