Operation Rainfall Trying To Bring Pandora’s Tower To America

XSEED Games is bringing The Last Story to America. GameStop and Nintendo brought Xenoblade Chronicles to the states. With this love for Japanese RPGs for the Wii that looked dim, one game is left out. Pandora’s Tower, insofar unannounced for America, would complete the trilogy of games if it were to be released. Australia and Europe have received it… but America has not.

Operation Rainfall, the organization trying their damndest to get these three games in America, have a new tactic. They’re appealing to six publishers of Japanese-focused games; Aksys Games, ATLUS, NIS America, Rising Star, UTV Ignition, and XSEED Games JKS.

Since we are pitching the game directly to publishers, with the hope that they will approach Nintendo to publish Pandora’s Tower, we want to make sure the kits contain everything the publisher needs to evaluate the benefits of localizing the game. Some items the staff are deciding to include are: A physical copy of the PAL version of the game, hi-res printouts of concept art for the game, printed copies of the many glowing reviews for the game, and possibly even a full printout of our original Operation Rainfall petition.

So, this is where fans come in. Operation Rainfall asked for a donation of $5 or $10 (or any amount, really), with the former netting gamers wallpaper, and the latter the wallpaper and a collector’s box to bundle all three titles.

Asked? They’ve already reached their goal. Gamers can still donate for the rewards. Here’s to hoping they succeed.

Source: Tiny Cartridge

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  • Eugene Ng

    Indeed! No gamer misses out of these games. EVER. Many gamers in America want this game to be localised, I want it localised there as well to ensure it makes a mark that we want to see the Wii finish off with something to remember by before the Wii U and to prove that the third party audience is still here instead of gone for good. If it wasn’t for Operation Rainfall’s persuasion to Nintendo that we are the fans and we still care for JRPGs, we would have hacked our consoles, and downloaded the ROMs of the game and that can hurt the gaming industry as well as the developers who have placed a lot of their effort and time in making these games and they want these games to be localised and sold. Or better yet go to the gaming stores, buy downloadable games that are never updated and added virtual console titles for the Wii Shop Channel. I vow to make Operation Rainfall a success as a major supporter of this campaign from Australia!

  • Aguila512c

    Que realmente salga en america y no solo en estados unidos aclaren den donde adonde abarca america ok