The Day PlayStation Vita Temporarily Hit $162.50

Something’s wrong, or cheap, in Sony Land.

The PlayStation Vita premiered in America two months ago. By all accounts, a console this early in its lifespan should be scarce. At this point, people will still scouring stores for the Nintendo Wii, Amazon was running promotions for a chance to purchase a PlayStation 3, and the red ring of death was starting to appear for Xbox 360 owners, those considered lucky enough to find the console. From firsthand experience, a local GameStop sells the 3G-enhanced Vita for $250, the same price as the WiFi model new.

Yet, Amazon apparently had enough used Vitas on hand to put them on sale this morning. Amazon Warehouse had them down to $162.50, marked as “Used- Good”. With free shipping, it was a good deal. Snatched up rather quickly, reports are in that Amazon’s actually issued a credit to those who can’t get one.

Many chains have been running bundle deals, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a Target that doesn’t have some sort of Vita accessory on clearance.

The Nintendo 3DS didn’t fare too well in its early days, but never had a major used sale on Amazon. Does this indicate that many people are returning, or trading in, the console? Nintendo alleviated things for the 3DS by having a massive price drop. Could the PS Vita see one coming?

I’ve been on the fence on the console. I end up getting all consoles (why prevent yourself from playing certain games), but with the Vita, it seems smart to wait on a console revision, price drop, or killer games. With the largest retailer on the Internet clearing out an apparent backlog with a sale, it seems like a price drop might be sooner than later.

Then? I’ll probably grab one.

Source: SlickDeals

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  • Fake

    You get what you pay for. Vita is the rolls royce of handhelds.

  • Guest

    Sony are focusing on the wrong things. Net enabled devices need the basics like Youtube, email client, chat, Internet radio. Sony have not supplied any of those and are instead releasing tinkets like doodle apps and communal alarm clocks.

  • I bought one. It’s worth it. Can’t wait for the Resistance title to come out at the end of May. 

  • Paul

    The Vita lost huge amounts of interest after Sony revealed:

    1. Massively overpriced, required, proprietary memory.
    2. Locked to PSN account, but cannot switch users like the PS3.
    3. Pre-owned games trophy problems.

    Sony are shooting themselves in the foot with their pure greed and overzealous control fixation. Make no mistake about it, the Vita is an excellent piece of hardware. 

  • KirbyKing

    The one thing I don’t get about the Vita is the price.
    -3DS was flailing at 250
    -PS3 was flailing at 600

    Sony never learns that there are simply prices people are not willing to pay!