IndieGala IV Sets Sails For 9 Games, BeMine 2 Struggles For An Unlock

Ah, the Indie Game Bundles. While they’re starting to get a little weak or redundant (I’m looking at you, Humble Botanicula Debut), they’re usually a good deal. IndieGala 3 just ended, and yet, IndieGala IV is already ready. What do you get?

For starters, the games A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda, Alien Shooter, Disciples II: Gallean’s Return, and Altitude are all Steam-redeemable. Wake is a Windows-exclusive DRM-free game on top of that. As usual, there’s a few secret games to be revealed later.

On the same day, the BeMine 2 bundle is planning to end. As of now, it’s less than 2,000 meals away from unlocking Scratches: Director’s Cut.

Have you been following the bundles? I’ve ended up buying most of them, and am starting to see a little redundancy.

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  • racingfreak92

    Chad they are getting redundant. I know Alien Shooter is a repeat within Indie Gala, and I think ARES and Altitude have been in some indie bundle.

    (you should put a link to the Indie Gala bundle site in the post somewhere…)