Steel Battalion Heavy Armor Loads Up On Preorder Packs

One of the most intriguing titles of the year has to be Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor. A Kinect-powered sequel to a relatively obscure mech game from the original Xbox earned a sequel? While the original required a $200 controller, this version only requires a $150 Kinect on top of a standard controller. Coming out later this year, Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop have all committed to preorder bonuses.

Coming in the forms of alternate VTs, the bonuses are as follows

Those who pre-order from will receive the Savannah Armor, featuring high-speed bullet velocity, and the Storm Armor, featuring increased shooting range.

Best Buy will hook you up with the Impact Armor with increased turning speeds, and the Tiger Armor with increased destructive power.

A pre-order through GameStop will yield the Rock Armor with reinforced defensive power, and the Jaguar Armor with accelerated travel speed.

Given Capcom’s history, these will hit as paid DLC down the road. They seem to be evenly split as well.

Are you ready to pilot a mech again?

Source: Capcom Unity

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