Team Ninja Releases Brand New DOA 5 Footage Featuring Bayman And Christie

The Dead or Alive series has always held a special place in my gaming heart and DOA 5 looks like it will only increase the adrenaline fueled butt-kicking that the series is known for. Team Ninja recently released a brand new video featuring a heated battle between Bayman and Christie.

Today Team NINJA announces two new murderous assassins to the fighting roster for the brawler Dead or Alive 5 set for release September 2012 for PlayStation ®3 and Xbox 360®. Christie and Bayman return to the Dead or Alive series and have been redesigned in incredible lifelike detail that conveys every facet of their new character designs. Their unique play styles have been finely honed and perfected to elevate the battle across the intense new dynamic blockbuster stages. To premier these two new characters Team NINJA releases new images of the characters and a video vignette showcasing both in a vibrant new backdrop.

Christie, a British female assassin, is a cold-blooded, merciless woman. She possesses the perfect qualities for an assassin with Shequan (Snake Fist) style. While dodging attacks she approaches her enemies in a snake like manner – faster than the eye can see, in a single blow she brings her opponents to their demise.

The fighting scene has had a resurgence over the last few years that has seen returns to form like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter and slight missteps like Soul Calibur 5. I am most definitely hoping that Dead or Alive 5 falls in the former camp and we once again have a martial arts fighting game that is  dumb fun.


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