Kingdom Hearts 3 To Be Announced Soon?

The 7th title in the Kingdom Hearts series  – Kingdom Hearts 3D or giving it the full title Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance(3D’s gettit?) has just hit store shelves in Japan.  Alongside the game release as with many games was an official guide-book.  In it Kingdom Hearts co-creator Tetsuya Nomura revealed some interesting information.

(we have) started making a variety of movements for the new title(s) in the series (and we will) be able to make an announcement pretty soon.

Nomura offered some fuel for speculation by ruling out a sequel to 2010’s PSP release Birth by Sleep and also confirmed that there are no plans to release a Final Mix version of Kingdom Hearts 3D,which has been common in previous games in the series. However this doesn’t necessarily mean Kingdom Hearts 3 is in developement, as it could as easily be another Nintendo Handheld game, a new title and the first on the PS Vita, an iOS title or perhaps even a launch title for the Wii U?

Since the Kingdom Hearts first launched 10 years ago there have been several new Disney franchises launched(Pirates of the Caribbean, High School Musical etc) as well as new major company acquisitions like Pixar in 2006 and Marvel last year.  This opens a whole new realm of possibilities,  just as Kingdom Hearts has levels based around Disney movies, this new game could have levels based around comics; a level for X-men, Spider-Man. Avengers, Fantastic Four etc each with their own villains. You could easily just re-skin the first two games with Marvel characters and it would sell.

Kingdom Hearts 3D is out in July 2012 in both UK and North America.

Source: DigitalSpy, CVG

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  • Permafry42

    It’s most likely the Kingdom Hearts HD collection that has been rumored for a while. They usually release hd rereleases when a new entry in the series is released or planned to be released, and my bet is that this will be true for kh collection (kingdom hearts 3 is closer than people think). It will allow newcomers to have another chance to enter into the series, while enticing the hardcore fans with it’s hd goodness and achievements/trophies (Yes I think they’d most likely release it on both 360 and ps3 unless they don’t feel like making more money.) They could even add the final mix content to add to the appeal for western audiences, and fix the minor framerate issues that plagued the ps2 releases. To me it just makes sense that they would do this.

    • iv been a massive fan of the PS2 versions, haven’t really got into the handheld ones. would love to see the first two reissued. as a build up to the 3rd. the 3rd one has been a long time coming. 

  • Please no Marvel worlds…

  • Henley_rita

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  • coming soon