Subscription-Based Xbox 360 To Challenge Roku, Apple TV?

Microsoft really, really wants the Xbox 360 to be the center of your media hub. They’ve tried their best to pioneer remote-free controls with Kinect, and recent OS upgrades have included a litany of media services. With Xbox Live Gold, you can access most subscriptions you already have, like Netflix. The magic price point for these set-top boxes tends to be $100.

Microsoft looks to be attacking that price point, with rumors swirling that they’ll release a $99 Xbox 360 with Kinect bundle. The catch is that it’d come with a two-year commitment at $15 a month subscription, but the subscription would include Xbox Live Gold. Years after the console was released, though, one must wonder just how many more houses Microsoft can get into. The price of the console after two years is comparable to what it would normally cost, and doesn’t factor in any store-specific sales that could net players the console early.

I’ll fully admit to using my PlayStation 3 as my media hub. Have you been waiting this long on an Xbox 360?

Source: The Verge

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