New Elder Scrolls Online Details And Teaser Trailer Emerge, Fans Unimpressed

Elder Scrolls Online concept art


Well, the first trailer for the Elder Scrolls MMO has been released, and it’s about as illuminating as a candle in a black hole.



Darkness is rising, and stuff.

One thing Bethesda wanted to make clear in this “trailer” (we think “teaser” is more appropriate):  you are no longer The Hero.  You’re going to be playing alongside many other equally self-important heroes.  Get used to it.

Screenshots and leaked details tell us more about what fans can expect from this unprecedented Bethesda installment.  And unfortunately, fans of the series appear less than pleased with the information available so far.  The biggest fear is that the game could end up just another WoW clone instead of an MMO take on the core Elder Scrolls experience.  In other words, if you’re playing WoW now, you’re unlikely to bother switching over; and if you love the Elder Scrolls for the uniquely uncluttered UI, the player-driven class formation, and the chance to be the hero, well, you’re probably going to want to stick with Skyrim.

Source: Kotaku

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