Skullgirls Creators Hope To Implement PS3 & PC Cross-Platform Multiplayer Soon

The creators of the indie fighting game Skullgirls recently took fan questions from Twitter, and let out a bit of upcoming news that could have fans of the game excited. One intrepid Twitterer asked the creators if the Skullgirls for PC would be a Game for Windows Live (GFWL) title, and the official Skullgirls twitter account teasingly replied, “We hope to have PS3/PC cross-platform play implemented a few months after the PC version is released… so definitely not GFWL.”

Okay, so it won’t be GFWL with cross-platform immediately (sorta like how Gotham City Impostors was), and “hope” definitely insinuates that this is far from a sure deal, but PS3 fans hoping to punch the crap out of their PC counterparts (and vice-versa) should keep hope alive. It sure sounds like it’s something the creators of the game really want to do.

Source: Game Informer

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