New Dead Space Game By March 2013 (Is Probably Dead Space 3)

EA announced that a new entry in the Dead Space franchise will be released during its fiscal year. EA’s fiscal year ends March 31st 2013, which presumably puts the game as a holiday 2012 or early 2013 release. My assumption would be early 2013 to keep from competing with Resident Evil 6 (and a lot of other titles).

It’s obvious to speculate that this new title will be Dead Space 3, but there have been several small stories lately to suggest this. In April, South African retailer BT Games started taking preorders for Dead Space 3. While this may sound like misinformation or a desperate plea for preorders, BT Games has taken preorders for games prior to their announcement before (which were revealed shortly after). E3 is right around the corner…

Suppose this new Dead Space game is NOT the third installment, but instead a spin-off like Dead Space: Extraction. Between animated films, novels, and comics, Dead Space has been constantly trying to expand as a ‘franchise’, so a deviation from the main series would fit in nicely. But what could it be? A team based survival game? A sequel to Extraction? Dead Space: Party?

All questions about this new Dead Space game should be answered at E3 2012; in particular, “What is it?”

Source: Joystiq

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