The Sports Nerd: NCAA ’13 Dynasty Improvements Pt. 1


Monday, EA Sports released a pretty hefty amount of detail on some of their dynasty improvements.  Every year it seems they only rehash old features that were dead or put things in that should have been in this generation.  We’ll have to judge for ourselves, but hopefully this year the improvements are much needed.

As an avid sports fan, those of us that spend our Saturdays following collegiate football closer than Thor follows Loki (Heck yes I just made an Avengers joke) we understand football is a living, breathing entity.  While watching your favorite team play, you can’t help but watch the ticker because you’re simply too afraid to switch channels in fear of missing something but have to know what’s going on around you. Well, this year that problem in the virtual world will hopefully be fixed.

ESPN Bottom Line ticker

This year that logic has been injected inside of NCAA College Football’s dynasty mode.  In past iterations, non-user games weren’t fully simulated until the user finished their game.  The week was then simulated and advanced, making the user go back and navigate to find whom won/lost.

This year NCAA ’13 improved the simulation logic to better reflect what’s going on in real-time.  It now takes into account games played before and during the user’s games, exposing the scores through the new ESPN Bottom Line ticker.

This means if you’re playing at 4:00, all scores of games played beforehand will show up on the ticker, letting you know what happened earlier in the day. Games that start around the time you kick-off will show updated scores, even if they start a bit later.  The ticker will also show upcoming games, filled with team logos and the games kick-off time.  The ticker will also play just as it’s real life counterpart on Saturday.  It will include Priority Score Alerts with the score changing dynamically on-screen, as well as Final Score and Upset Alerts.   The ticker will also remain visible even when you pause the game or choose to look at replays.

Studio Updates

The next update to presentation comes in form of Studio Updates. For those not familiar with Studio Updates, they are live cut-ins to the studio for updates on certain games going on around the country.  With the announcement of this, you have to wonder, “Rece Davis?”  Well rest assured; Rece Davis will be announcing the studio updates in this year’s NCAA College Football.

Studio updates will occur dynamically throughout a given game showing single scores, multiple scores, or a combination whenever big events play out throughout the collegiate landscape.  The development team reportedly but in a tremendous amount of time working on the tech and logic needed to make this work properly, giving you the emersion needed.  The new commentary engine supposedly has given NCAA ’13 the ability to create branching story paths for each Studio Update, allowing Rece to not become repetitive during the course of a game.

Now, these new features can be argued whether or not they should have been implemented in previous games. With the way our world has become via Internet and endless connectivity to updates, the ESPN ticker should have been in this generation’s games.  Same with last year’s “3-D grass”, it was long overdue even if it is a nice addition.  Presentation is shaping up to be on par with Madden ’13 this year though, so hopefully the trend of both games seamlessly keeping things familiar will pay off finally.  What are your thoughts on the presentation for this year guys?

Source: EA Sports

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