A Simple Question: Final Results And Farewell

The final votes have been tallied, and you all have spoken.  After 3 grueling rounds that saw impressive titles fall by the wayside, we have a champion to crown in the 2012 Fall Game Release Showdown.  Anyone that was following the voting might have seen this coming, because it wasn’t close at any point, but here you go:

The winner of the 2012 Fall Game Release Showdown is: Assassin’s Creed 3

Assassin’s Creed 3 beat out Halo 4, taking an impressive 82.1% of the vote (the most lopsided victory of any of the matchups).  Whoever said “never bring a knife to a gunfight” was clearly a Templar. Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote through the last 3 weeks, and feel free to flip back to the previous weeks to see how all the other votes shook out.

As I mentioned last week, this Showdown was the last ASQ for Platform Nation.  Sad to put an end to such a fun weekly, but that’s the way of life.  On a more personal note, today is also the last day for me as a writer and editor for Platform Nation.  With my second kid on the way, and an increasingly diminishing free-time pool, I needed to make a cut somewhere.  I won’t draw out the goodbyes, but I want to thank everyone behind the scenes at Platform Nation for being such a supportive gaming family. In particular, thanks to Scott diMonda and Steve Artlip, who put up with me, took me under their wing, gave me a shot, and gave me a voice for over 2 years to talk about the stuff I love.  I would like to think I made the most out of what I was given, and I hope I provided interesting opinions, quality reviews, and fun question for everyone to read and respond to. Which brings me to my most important thanks: thanks to you, the readers.  Without your comments, emails, tweets and votes, all of this is just words in cyberspace.  Thanks for engaging with me and keeping this fun.

I do have some results to give you from all of the outstanding polls, so read on for some interesting numbers on how everyone has voted over the last few months of ASQs.

Release Day Bugs [14 votes] (Should high profile games be delayed if there are known issues that would be left unresolved at launch?): 100% of you said Yes.

Skyrim [22 votes] (Do you plan on playing Skyrim straight through before going to another game?): 68.2% of you said Yes.

Xbox 360 Dashboard Update [25 votes] (What do you think of the proposed changes coming to your Xbox 360 Dashboard?): 72.0% of you said Love them!, 20% said Eh.. indifferent.., and 8% said Hate Them!

The Best Current Gen Console [24 votes] (If you had to do it again, knowing what you know now, what one console would you choose as your gaming platform of choice?): 50% said Xbox 360, 41.7% said PS3, and 8.3% said Wii.

The Next Next-Generation Console [169 votes] (Are you satisfied with the current generation of consoles (to the point that you’re not itching for the next generation just yet)?): 50.9% of you said No.

Holiday Console Sales [14 votes] (Which company will have the best sales numbers (units sold) for their consoles in December?): 57.1% said Microsoft, 28.6% said Nintendo, and 14.3% said Sony.

Entertainment Consoles [30 votes] (Do you prefer having your gaming console and media entertainment delivery separate?): 63.3% of you said Yes, I prefer them to be separate.

Physical Or Digital Game Copies [34 votes] (What do you think will be the method of delivery for games 10 years from now (physical copy vs. digital copy)?): 41.2% said All Digital, 29.4% said Mostly Digital, Some Physical, 20.6% said Mostly Physical, Some Digital, and 8.8% said Evenly Split.

Game Instruction Manuals [36 votes] (Do you care that games are moving their instruction manuals online?): 66.7% of you said Yes, I consider it part of the game experience.

Difficulty Settings [15 votes] (What difficulty setting do you usually play a game on for your first playthrough?): 73.3% said Normal, 20% said Hard, and 6.7% said Easy.

Staying Alive [12 votes] (If the developers of a game you were looking forward to buying had to cut features, would you rather have a more robust single player experience, or more multiplayer options?): 91.7% said Better Single Player.

Sequel Before Prequel [34 votes] (If previous games of a series that you haven’t had an interest in (until the latest version) are available on your current console, what do you play first?): 70.6% said The earliest game in the series – I don’t want to miss out on the backstory.

Mass Effect 3 – Creating Your Shephard

What is your Shepard’s pre-service history? [93 votes]: Spacer 44.1%, Earthborn 34.4%, Colonist 21.5%
What is your Shepard’s Psychological profile? [92 votes]: War Hero 60.9%, Sole Survivor 32.6%, Ruthless 6.5%
How has your Shepard handled loss? [94 votes]: Saved Ashley Williams, lost Kaidan Alenko 59.6%Saved Kaidan Alenko, lost Ashley Williams 34%Numerous: Many losses suffered that are impacting Shepard 6.4%
What class will your Shepard be? [93 votes]: Soldier 37.6%Vanguard 28%Infiltrator 11.8%Adept 10.8%Sentinel 7.5%Engineer 4.3%

PlayStation Vita [20 votes] (Will you be buying a PlayStation Vita this year?): 60% said No.

Review Scores [9 votes] (If a publication does not explicitly state their review score policy, what do you assume a final review score means?): 44.4% said Quality of the game relative to all other games, 33.3% said A purchase indicator, and 22.2% said Quality of the game relative to other games in the genre.

 Multiplayer Invades Single Player [71 votes] (Should games use multiplayer progress to influence the single player experience?): 85.9% said No.

Psychonauts 2 [41 votes] (Did you ever play Psychonauts, and would you want to play a sequel?): 80.5% said Yes, I played Psychonauts, and yes I would want to play a sequel., 12.2% said No, I never played Psychonauts, and have no interest in a sequel., 7.3% said No, I never played Psychonauts, but yes I would want to play a sequel., and 0% said Yes, I played Psychonauts, but no, I wouldn’t want to play a sequel.

Hamonix’s New Game [23 votes] (What do you think the new Harmonix game is going to be?): 52.2% said A new Rock Band offering, 30.4% said Something else completely, 8.7% said A new Dance Central offering, and 8.7% said A new mobile/tablet (app) offering.

PAX East 2012 [8 votes] (What are (or would be) your 2 favorite things about PAX?): 87.5% picked The expo floor – playing new or not yet released games, 37.5% said both The atmosphere and The swag!!, and 12.5% said both The panels and The freeplay areas (console, tabletop, etc).

Rock Band Blitz [20 votes] (Will you be buying Rock Band Blitz?): 75% of you said Yes.

Portable Gaming [17 votes] (What mobile device are you giving most of your portable gaming time to?): 47.1% said Phone (iPhone, Android, WP7, etc), 35.3% said Dedicated Game System (3DS, Vita, etc), 17.6% said Other portable device (iPod Touch, etc), and 0% said Tablet.

And that wraps it up for Platform Nation’s ASQ.  Thanks again for everyone’s participation over the years! Of course, you know I can’t end it without at least one or two questions for you to comment on, so…. what was your favorite ASQ that you answered?  What question would you have liked to ask everyone? Drop a comment below – I’ll be reading them.

Farewell, everyone.

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  • Scott diMonda

    Thank you for everything Tym!  You will be missed and where ever you may go or what ever you may do you will make a huge impact and you will succeed.

    •  Thanks Scott, I really appreciate that. It was a fun ride, wasn’t it?

      • Scott diMonda

        Fun indeed Tym!

  • Elkaywork

    I am sorry I didn’t read more of these!