The Gamers Pub, Episode 86 – Diablo 3!

Welcome to the return of The Gamers Pub with Steven Artlip (Steve519), and GUI J take you on an adventure full of Love, Beer, Games, and life lessons.

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  • Scott diMonda

    GUIJ nice talk about guns and education when it comes to the kids in the house is key.  I have been a gun owner for many years and my sons have been taught not only the dangers of handling guns but ways to be safe when around guns not only in our home but at friends and families houses as well. I know you are thinking of a Mossberg for the home.  I prefer the Remington 870 as it is very versatile easy to upgrade and a overall great gun.  But not to take away anything from the Mossberg, but the 870 was the workhorse of our department including the Colt AR-15 so that may be why I am a Remington 870 user.  Steve I hope you get to get your gun one day as not only would that be a fun build but once again the modifications that can be made are crazy.  

    Great show guys like the variety and I am not going to rant here but Steve was talking about medicinal marijuana I hope it is working and it is a shame the hoops some have to go through to get relief of pain as I know I have been there and for the price compared to narcotics from a pharmacy there really is really no comparison, make it legal already dammit people need it and Steve I hope it is working and I will cut it short but curious to see if you have relief longer than other methods, be it PT, medicines or what.

    OK I am still going just wondering if you would be taking phone calls as I want to try out my new voice when I can and would like to leave you guys a message.  Next episode that I listen to I should be able listen while drinking a long awaited beer and I think I am going to go with a  Devil’s Pale Ale or two.