New Activision Blizzard Mobile Studio To Open In The UK

With news of studio closures or rumours of closures becoming more and more rampant, today I bring you some good news for a change. Activision Blizzard have announced that they are to open a new studio focusing on mobile gaming in the north of England.

Martyn Brown co-founder of Team 17, is set to run the currently nameless studio. The goal for this new studio is to duplicate the success that Activision had with its recently released Skylanders: Cloud Patrol iOS app and bring more Activision properties to the mobile market.

Richard Wilson the CEO of TIGA a UK gaming trade association released the following statement after the announcement:

“This is a massive vote of confidence in the UK games industry and demonstrates that TIGA’s successful campaign for Games Tax Relief is already bearing fruit. We have the talent, we have the tax breaks and now we are winning the investment..This is a terrific day for the UK games industry, for people looking to work in our high technology, high skilled industry, and for the UK economy. We are back in the game.”

This is not the only good news that the UK games industry has had as of late, as the serving government finally delivered on the much promised tax break for games developers.  While the news may not seem that relevant for readers across the pond in the good old US of A, remember that Rockstar North (about an hour or so away from where I sit right now) is here. While it is probably one of the safest developers in the country, should the UK become uncompetitive then you may never see Grand Theft Auto V, VI, VII etc.

Source: DigitalSpy

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