Red Bull Battlegrounds Austin’s StarCraft II Invitational

We’re in the thick of what is generally considered the competitive StarCraft (and gaming in general) season, a notion mostly determined by the fact that the MLG’s Spring season is currently ongoing, and the e-sports scene has probably never been bigger. With thousands turning out for MLG tour events and thousands more tuning in to the likes of the IGN Pro League, it’s not hard to see the potential for mad cash.

Hence Red Bull’s latest foray into the competitive gaming scene with Red Bull Battlegrounds. The transmedia company once known for its energy drinks has turned its rutilant bovine eye towards e-sports and is bringing an elite invitational to Austin, TX, this weekend from May 25 to May 27 at Austin City Limit’s Moody Theater.

There will be 16 professional SC2 players in attendance including Team Liquid’s TaeJa, Team EG’s HuK, and more. Saturday will be round-robin play from 1pm to 10pm and Sunday will be the playoffs also from 1pm to 10pm. You can catch all the action at either Day[9]’s live page or the Red Bull LAN page.

Friday will be an open house event from 8pm to 10pm with the opportunity for fans to meet with players and casters with panels and Q&A events.

Oh yeah, and I’ll be there.

For more information, you can check out Day[9]’s post at Team Liquid, Austin City Limits, or Red Bull LAN.

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