The Gamers Pub, Episode 87 – Over Under On 2 1/2

Welcome to the return of The Gamers Pub with Steven Artlip (Steve519), and GUI J take you on an adventure full of Love, Beer, Games, and life lessons.

This weeks beers were Avery Brewing Co‘s Salvation and Victory‘s Summer Love.

We hope you guys enjoy the show, do us a favor and leave plenty of feedback, email us at [email protected] and tell us what you thought, shoot us any questions, or just shoot the shit with us!

Now sit back and enjoy the show!

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And playing us out this week is Pepper who is playing Lonely.

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  • Scott diMonda

    First, where the hell is Mark Rea I for one miss his witty retort.  Next thanks for another great show guys, but GUI J we have to talk, no Anchorman.  I loved the movie and there are two different trailers out right now one for the theaters and one for TV, but I can’t wait.

    Keep up the great work and when I go to the beer store I will have to check for a couple of local micros and send them your way.