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Deadlight Review

Do you remember as a child you used to not swear or say bad things? Or rather, I guess, you weren’t allowed to swear or say bad things. Of course, nothing was really stopping you even then from being a pint-sized jerk; curse words or not, the intent was there. Getting around the rule-breaking of […]

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FyFYI Episode 151: The Splashing of the Breasts

Pete and new (once a month) co-host Mike Phillips discuss the sexy olympics, food, sports videogames, answer a dozen tweets or so and chat about whether Steam needs to get into price wars with Amazon.   Stream here people. You can also grab it off of iTunes. Reach us at:  [email protected] For Your Vita Hype […]

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A Hidden Edge

What’s that they say about books and their covers? Get out of the kitchen because it’s too…no, that’s not it. Two in the hand is worth—ah, forget it. What I’m getting at is that advantages aren’t always as straightforward as you would assume. You may recall that my friends and I have started a weekly […]

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