A short word on the future of the FyFYI Podcast

I have a hard time sitting still.  This is evident in the podcast where you can hear me moving towards and away from the mic.  And it’s evident in how the podcast has operated over the last 150 episodes with rotating cast members that can’t deal with me because I’m a hyper 12-year-old.  And (un)lucky for James I’m in one of those moods again and something needs to change with the podcast.

But why? We love James!  I do too.  In fact, that’s the problem, I think James is too good.  I think his other podcast, with his cousin, is worlds better than this one.  I feel like the bit of lag that exists while skyping from this side of the earth to that side of the earth makes it hard for him to get in there and shut me up.  But don’t worry, James isn’t going anywhere, we are still going to be recording every other week.  This isn’t changing.  Because even though I have an inferiority complex about Double KO, James is one of my favorite people on the planet and it’s an honor to make a shittier podcast with him.

I needed to do something to mix things up though.  So I’ve ended up with two ideas that are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum.  The first is that once a month (starting this week) I will be recording with Mike Phillips.  This is a bit of a nerd dream for me which is odd considering he has been one of my best friends for a decade now, but we’ve only recorded together a few times and never one on one.  I expect sexy results.  Now, you might be thinking, isn’t he on P1P and The Fanboys?  Yes, yes he is.  So won’t I feel the same thing I do with James?  Yes, yes I will.  But like James it’s worth feeling that just for the opportunity to record with him.

So what do I do to create my own niche in this funny little world?  Well, the other free week each month (starting two weeks from this week) I will be recording with my spunky, hyper, potty-mouthed, italian, wonderfully deranged wife.  This may be a glorious failure, but it’s worth a shot, right?  It’s likely to be less videogames and more tv and makeup, and dick jokes and farts.  Like actual farts.  She rips them like a truck driver.

This is where FyFYI is headed.  I hope you guys enjoy it.

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