It’s Time For A Xbox Live Community Playdate!

Come join two of the hosts from The Rumble Pack, Nick Kosareo and Justin Hemenway, or our Editor-in-Chief, Scott diMonda, as they all represent Platform Nation in an official Xbox Live Community Playdate. The game will be Full House Poker where you can take your Platform Nation themed Xbox Avatar with you to play some Texas Hold ‘Em with other games all around the world. The Playdate is scheduled for August 17 from 8-11 PM ET (5-8 PM PT). By gaming with us (kazinova, orangelazarus14, or wcc5723) while sporting your Platform Nation gear, you can also get in 25 extra entries in our current contest where we are giving away copies of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD (XBLA), The Walking Dead Full Season (Steam), and Deadlight (XBLA). Oh, and if you enter, please make sure to read the entry rules so all your entries count! Hope to see you all tomorrow night representing Platform Nation with your awesome P*N Xbox Avatar gear!

Myself rocking the new Platform Nation threads!

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