Fable: The Journey Demo Comes September 17

Fable: The Journey is the Kinect Fable game that puts you in control of a fire throwing and weapon wielding character names Gabriel. In this game, Gabriel is on a journey to change his fate and become the hero that clears Albion of the corruption that plagues it.

The game is due to release on consoles on October 9th, but gamers will get an early go at the game when the demo releases on the Xbox Live Marketplace on September 17th. Fable: The Journey is a Kinect only game and features new territories of Albion with even tougher enemies.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing Fable 2 and 3, as for Fable: The Journey I’m not as excited, the story does bring back Theresa from the previous games but as you control the game using Kinect, I can’t help thinking that it will just be another Kinect game with bad controls.

Check out the demo on September 17th and the full game when it releases on October 9th.

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  • Scott diMonda

    I cant wait!!