GamrCred The Ultimate Rank In Games

As gamer’s I like to think we are one of the most competitive groups out there. We flash our gamerscores and achievements for all to see and we are proud of them. That is why today we bring news to the Platform Nation Community about GamrCred. I have taken a look at the site and let me tell you I am intrigued as this is more ranked based on how you play, what you say and the respect you earn. Sound like something you may be interested in? If so be sure to checkout more information about GamrCred below as well visiting their website for more information.

We’re excited to announce GamrCred, the Ultimate Rank in Games, where your play, say and respect within your gaming communities combine to create the reputation rank to trump them all. Created by veterans of game-development powerhouse, BioWare, and social networking platform, Empire Avenue, GamrCred is aiming to become the standard across the web for measuring a gamer’s reputation. The site has launched in invite-only beta, and interested gamers are encouraged to sign up at

GamrCred will create the world’s greatest community of credible gamers. Our goal is to help you to not only find other gamers and learn, but also to find great games that others are playing or excited about. As avid gamers on console, PC, mobile and tablet, we also understand the issues of trying to identify great games that fit your interest and playing style. Hundreds of thousands of games on iTunes, the social web, console downloadables and more can make for an impossible list of great content to weed through, and every day a good game is likely being lost in the confusion. We believe we can help out by connecting you to gamers who you respect and whose opinions you can trust.

Today marks the start of an incredibly fun journey; a journey to build the most credible community of gamers in the world that can benefit from their reputation.

Be sure to follow GamrCred on Twitter and be sure to “Like” their Facebook page.

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