Scott Pilgrim: The Game Online DLC Announced.. And Then Delayed

Scott Pilgrim The Game on XBLA was released quite a while ago (two years!). That’s why it was such a shock when recently Ubisoft announced that not only was the game getting a new character called Wallace Wells but it was also getting a title update that would enable online play for the game, a feature that was sadly missing for the original game release.

Unfortunately the title update and new content was meant to launch for the game yesterday but it didn’t. Ubisoft have not given a reason for the delay in the update but have stated that the update is due to launch ‘this fall’. For owners of the game it will be a nice treat to go back to the game to play with some content, it’s just going to be later than you thought. The PSN version will also be included around the same time.

Keep your eyes glued to Platform Nation in the next couple of months for any more information on when you can expect to actually get the update. (for real this time).

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