Halo 4 Soundtrack Coming October 22 For $14/$75

Halo has always had absolutely amazing music. Varying from fast paced battle music to relaxing calm music. Today, the date and pricing information for the release of the Halo 4 soundtrack have been revealed.

The standard edition of the soundtrack will cost the reasonable price of $14, this will include all 15 tracks of the soundtrack and will be available in both digital and physical formats. The edition that you will want to keep your eye out if you are a huge fan of video game music is the Special Edition.

The Special Edition of the Halo 4 soundtrack will cost $75 and come with a whole bunch of goodies, including an additional 14 track remix album, a behind the scenes DVD showing the making of the music, an hardcover book with pictures and notes, a special shirt for your avatar and the best two inclusions are a 12 inch art print signed and a Vinyl record with Master Chief and Cortana on.

Both versions of the soundtrack will be available on Halo Waypoint, check them out when they release in October!

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