Join The Gamer’s Pub Tonight As We Celebrate Episode 100 Live

Later on tonight, Gui J (@GU1J) and I (@Steve519) will be recording episode 100, but we will be doing it LIVE right here on Platform Nation. All you need to do to watch is be here, at this same page at 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern and watch our YouTube stream.

We would also love some fan/community participation. If you would like to join me on our Google Plus Hangout. From there you can actually be apart of our show, throw one back with us, and just talk about games, friends and live with us! The Hangout is limited to ten people at a time, but really, I don’t think that will be a problem. This can be done at any PC with a webcam, or even your iPhone, Android, or most tablet devices (I tried this earlier just using the free Google Plus app). You can also chat with us there via Google’s chat room. And like we said before, if you just want to watch it, you can do that just from this page!

Alright everyone, I hope to see some of you later tonight. Come hang out with us, drink some beer, and have some fun.

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