Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Map, Hoboken Rooftops Preview

A week ago we told you about the upcoming (releases tomorrow) free Disorganized Crime Pack DLC for one of my favorite games Max Payne 3. Now this isn’t just a reminder but as you can see by the picture above, as we have a preview of what to expect from the multiplayer map, Hoboken Rooftops (click on picture to see it in all of it’s glory).

Here is a little more about what to look forward to tomorrow:

In addition to several new modifiers for Score Attack Mode and the new Noir Mode which allows players to play Arcade Modes in B&W, this pack also features the Hoboken Rooftops Multiplayer Map, where players can battle it out amidst the ravaged remains of what was Max’s New Jersey residence.

Remember this one is available across the board tomorrow for your favorite console and it is FREE!

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    u dont like 3rd person games WCC5723 do you?

  • Crimsonov reznik

    love it