Welcome To The Evolution Of The Gamer’s Pub

So just a night ago, Gui J and I recorded episode 100 of The Gamer’s Pub, which you can see the video of above. We wanted to do something a little special because it was episode 100 and while it might not seem like a big feat for most people or podcasts, it was for us. The Pub to us was a show we always wanted to do, one that we knew had the ability to be something special, at least to us. It would be a way for good friends to sit among each other, and talk about the joys of gaming, beer, and life, all while having a fun and laid back time.

Well over the years of doing the Pub together, we have always had fun. We did what we set out to do. We’ve had some amazing guests join us, gotten pretty drunk time to time, and just had some a memorable time while doing it. But after last night we realized we were missing something. The connectivity that can be there when you’re actually seeing each other, it felt almost like when you’re all at the bar together. Seeing Jose there giving himself a foam beer from his head, seeing Mark ride across the screen on a zebra, or when Mike from The Fanboys popped in for a bit to say hi to everyone, it’s the same type of feeling you get when you’re throwing one back with your buddies at the table together.

So here on out, we will be making a few changes to the Pub, ones that we hope you’ll not only enjoy, but you might be a part of time to time. First thing, we will now be recording The Gamer’s Pub every Sunday at 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern. It will be live-streamed right here on Platform Nation as well, so you can watch it as it’s happening. We don’t want to stop right there though, watching is live is one thing, well we want you guys to join us each and every week. We are hoping to get gaming developers, community managers, other podcast hosts (especially some of the amazing ones we have right here on Platform Nation), editors of other gaming sites, our own writing staff here at Platform Nation, and you guys! We really would love it if some of our community could join us in this. We get messages all the time asking if The Gamer’s Pub is a real place, or where we are, well, we might not be able to opening up a real pub, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make our own community one! We will all make some amazing friends, find some new beer that we’ve never heard of before, and talk about what we all love, videogames.

Each and every week, we will be live steaming the Pub via Google Hangouts, which we used this last week and loved it. Anyone will be able to join Gui J, myself, and the Platform Nation family (if you just stop by for 5-10 mins, or join us for the entire show, it’s great either way), all you need to join us is any computer with a webcam, a Google+ account, and we would really prefer headphones as they really help against feedback. You can also use any smart device that has access to the Google+ app. This means you can join us from something as simple as your iPhone via the Google+ app.

Another thing too, the videos will only be up for a week at a time, we want to keep things fresh so the video will only be up for a limited about of time. We will be changing our archiving of our older shows too, for now on, we will only have the access for the past two months of shows available. We’re trying to mix some things up so we will be trying some new things. We would also love any feedback from you guys and gals out there. You can hit us up anytime you want by emailing us at [email protected]

So please feel free to come by the Pub where you can watch or join us, each Sunday, as we will be enjoying some time with good friends, drinking some great beer, and talking about amazing videogames!

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