Final Modern Warfare 3 Maps Coming Next Week

While PS3 gamers are still catching up on the content already available for Xbox 360 gamers, the last map pack for Modern Warfare 3 is hitting the Xbox 360 next week for Elite subscribers. This includes three new maps: Gulch, Boardwalk and Paris.

If you want more information on these maps then check out the video on the official site, these maps look really fun to play on and I might be tempted to purchase them when they finally release for non Elite subscribers. Non Elite subscribers will be able to purchase these maps in Content Collection #4 when it releases and also includes the previous maps: Parish and Decommission.

PlayStation 3 gamers will gain access to two Spec Ops maps and the new Chaos mode on this date too. Keep yourself hooked to Platform Nation for information when the rest of the content will be hitting PlayStation 3.

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