Find Me At PAX Prime 2012


What’s up, guys? Just wrapped day one of PAX Prime 2012 and boy howdy, there are a lot of people here. I mean like WOW. You don’t walk around the show floor so much as shuffle and sweat around. And everyone already smells.


But it is also a ton of fun. I’ve met old friends and met new ones already (what’s up, Kirk Hamilton of Kotaku). If you’re not in Seattle, well, oops for you.

If you are here, though, come find me! I’m 6’3″ and Asian and I have what most would call an Afro. I think it’s a bit more like a caveman’s coif. If you find me, though, I’ll be giving away all my press schwag. This is stuff that you don’t get as a regular attendee, so come and get it! I don’t want to pack all of this stuff up when I leave.

Also, I love you all. That, too.

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