Kalypso Digital New Horror Adventure Game Anna

What do you get when you add and abandoned sawmill and a female character with a dark past? Well my friends you get Anna. Now I don’t know what it is, but when I play a game as a female character and you add a little horror to the game it tends to scare the crap out of me. Maybe I am just a little skiddish, but even with that said I would like to learn more about Anna.

Here is a description of the new game from Kalypso Digital, Anna:

Anna is a first-person horror adventure that explores the darkest depths of the human psyche. Set in an abandoned sawmill nestled high in the mountains, Anna challenges you to uncover horrific clues and use them to solve puzzles related to your character’s dark past. As you play, Anna will change locations and unveil new secrets. The way you play will not only determine the mental health of your main character, but will also lead to one of three possible endings.

A haunting tale of psychological terror
Three possible endings, each determined by the player’s actions in the storyline
Physics-based environmental puzzles
A faithful 3D recreation of the Italian countryside and a sinister sawmill that await your exploration
Atmospheric soundtrack
Brain-twisting puzzles to solve and horrific clues to uncover

The digital version of Anna will also include the following bonus material:
Photos of the real-world sawmill location
Complete soundtrack
Main character’s notebook in English and Italian

Anna will be available to purchase on PC and Mac through Kalypso’s digital distribution partners on September 21 for $9.99.

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