Steam Greenlight Launched

Valve have launched a new service called Steam Greenlight, this service uses the power of the community to choose which games are worthy of becoming some of the new games to release on the main Steam service.

Steam Greenlight gives developers the ability to post information about the game and gives the public the option to choose if they think that the game in an ideal candidate to make its way to the main service. The platform uses the same structure as Steam Workshop and allows gamers to rate the games and leave any feedback on what they think.

I think that Greenlight is a fantastic idea by Valve. A great example of what the service can be used for is “Project Giana” that was recently successfully funded on Kickstarter and now it is on Greenlight. More developers than ever are going to have a great platform for getting their game out there.

Check out Steam Greenlight by clicking here.

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