Diamond Multimedia Launches Game Capture 1000 Device

A few people have asked me in the past how to capture gameplay without breaking the bank. Now there are many products out there, but I have found one that may fit your needs with price as well as versatility and function. The GC1000 allows users to capture and edit gameplay from their favorite consoles to include the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3, the Nintendo Wii and VHS, DVD Player, Camcorder or satellite set top box. Yes we even said VHS. The device enables users to record, tailor and share their gameplay highlights with zero disruption to the gaming experience and then share their clips on YouTube and Facebook. Sounds pretty good if you ask me, so we added a little more about the GC1000 below, so you can check it out for yourself.

Traditional video capture devices do not support video pass-through and were only intended for users to convert VHS tapes to digital formats and DVD. Diamond’s GC1000 bridges that gap and allows today’s more sophisticated users to record and play in real-time with no delays, an important feature for quick reflex games like first-person shooters. Diamond users can connect their game console directly to the GC1000, which is then connected to the TV via the Video-out port. The video is sent through the USB port to the PC, allowing the user to play the games on their big screen TV, resulting in no traditional lags or delays on the computer screen.

Pricing and Availability
The GC1000 retails for $139.99 and offers a lite version, the GC500, for $69.99. The GC1000 supports HDMI (both in and out), Component, S-Video and Composite and can record up to 1080p, well surpassing any other system on both features and price. Where to Buy:,,, Microcenter and Fry’s Electronics.

Be sure to checkout their website for more information.

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