Free 90 Minute Rainbow Moon Demo

Free is my favorite word in gaming as we all know, and today not only do we have a free offer to tell you about but news about the Rainbow Moon Melodies (soundtrack release) and a Rainbow Moon Premium Bundle that releases on the PlayStation Network this week. Now you don’t get the full game for free, but you get 90 minutes of gameplay and you can restart it as often as you would like and if you decide to purchase the full game your saved game can be loaded and resumed from the same point without losing any of your progress. Sound pretty good? If so we have added all the information below for your viewing pleasure, also don’t forget to stay tuned after the jump for the Rainbow Moon trailer.

Rainbow Moon Demo:
– Allows players to try out Rainbow Moon for up to 90 minutes and can be restarted as often as desired
– After unlocking the full game, any previously saved game can be loaded and resumed from the same point without loss of progress
– The price for unlocking the full game remains unchanged at US$14.99 (North America), €12.99 / £9.99 (Europe)

Rainbow Moon Melodies:
– Digital soundtrack album, containing all 32 tracks from the game
– 100% DRM free
– Available at US$ 4.99 (North America), €3.99 / £3.19 (Europe)

Rainbow Moon Premium Bundle:
– A set containing: Rainbow Moon, Rainbow Moon Melodies and the Rainbow Moon Starter Pack (Medium) add-on
– Available at US$ 18.99 (North America), €16.99 / £12.99 (Europe)

2.) Rainbow Moon Melodies CD release

Rainbow Moon Melodies is also available as a limited hardcopy audio CD release. This product has been professionally manufactured and ships in a cell wrapped clear color tray jewel case with a high quality four pages full color booklet.

Available at US$9.99 (+$3 for worldwide airmail shipping) at our online store:

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