Season Pass Coming To Borderlands 2

Max Payne 3, Forza Motorsport 4 and Gears of War 3 all had a season passes when they released. If you don’t know what a season pass is, for a one time price you can buy access to all upcoming downloadable content for that game that is due to be released. By paying this one time cost instead of buying each piece of DLC you will save yourself usually around $5-10 For a game like Borderlands 2, I’m perfectly happy with buying a season pass because I know that I am going to stick with the game and the content is going to be awesome, whereas with a game like Forza 4, I bought the season pass and lost interest in the game and didn’t get my money’s worth.

When Borderlands 2 launches on September 18th, the season pass will become available for download on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for $29.99 (2400 Microsoft Points). The content you will be able to get with the season pass will be worth $39.96 which is a really great deal because you will obviously want to get all of the content that will be released for Borderlands 2! All four of the add-ons should be released by June 2013.

Borderlands 2 is releasing on September 18 in North America and September 21 internationally. Enjoy your three day head start ahead of me, you lucky gamers.

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